What is Lucky's Bakes?

Ceramics made in Galicia

Fatima Beamonte

My experience with ceramics began in Miami in 2020, where I fell in love with the process of creating on the potter's wheel.

Since then, I have not stopped exploring techniques and clay, creating unique and unrepeatable pieces for your home.

The collections I create are inspired by Galicia, the sea, nature; each collection is named after a Galician beach or mountain. They are composed of plates, bowls, cups, candles ... Each one different and unique, all handmade, enameled and fired in the oven of the workshop.

A very important part of my project is to combine my experience in psychology and education with working with mud, trying to build a community where we can enjoy getting our hands dirty and finding tranquility, freeing ourselves from everything that does not serve us, letting it go.

Currently my workshop is located in Sabaris, where I live with my daughter Lena, our little dog Rass and my unconditional companion, Xokas.



Lucky's Bakes is a personal entrepreneurship project that was born in 2010, when I started selling muffins to my university classmates, promoting them from a facebook page. In the morning I baked the muffins, announcing on facebook the flavors (two every day) and in the afternoon I took them to the university residence in Geneva. Every day I sold 100% of the stock, using the profits to buy more ingredients and save a little money. 


In October 2019, I decided to revive the project, creating a logo and instagram page, and turning it into a page where to share original and healthy recipes. That's how I came across original ceramics, which at first I bought to plate my culinary creations. I was meeting potters in RRSS and discovering the process of creation, until Xokas, my partner, gave me a lathe classes for Christmas; and the rest is already the story that I hope to continue building with all those people who take a bit of my craftsmanship to their homes.

My Values


Everything I do is inspired by my environment. The southern coast of Galicia and my travels through nature give light to each creation.


Each piece has the ability to withstand wear, pressure or damage; it is meant to last forever. I craft each piece by hand, slowly, using the finest materials to ensure it stays with you for a lifetime.


My goal is to ensure that my process is as sustainable as possible, to affect the environment as little as possible. 


Ceramics is my way of expressing my creativity. Lucky's Bakes aspires to be a space where you can also express yours.


I got hooked on ceramics because of how it helped my mental health, because of the inner peace it makes me feel. My goal is to transmit that feeling in every piece I make, so that when it arrives to your home it gives you a zen feeling.


The stoneware pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe. However, I always recommend washing them by hand to keep them intact for a longer period of time.

I spend countless hours thinking, planning and creating, to make sure the pieces bring you happiness and last you a long time.


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